I started to dance tango at 2001 in Nässjö, Sweden. I got infected with that in Falsterbo during the next summers Tangocamp....and I got hooked for real just a couple of weeks after on the Tango Island, Waxholm.. Since then everything has just been moving forward in a typical tango way: learning, travelling during the first years and later the list has been completed with teaching and performing.

I like the complexity of tango. Actions are happening on the physical, intellectual and emotional level at the same time with the ever written ultimate dance music around...so you really have to be in presence if you want to dance good. Which is not easy just because of the complexity !! There are potentially disturbing moments everywhere :))
As a teacher I would like to help to my students to develop all the levels.
Finding an easy, organic way to move.
Understand the structure of the tango to be able to combine the elements.
“Handle” the music and emotions ergo fill the dance with …something which is personal and unique.