Some things about myself, my tango and my philosophy and purposes in tango.
I started tango at 2001, before that I danced flamenco and earlier I did martial arts. I have been teaching since 2002. The fact that I am a conductor (teacher of movements) served as a firm base for tango since it has made the understanding, analysing and teaching of natural movement a part of my life.
As a dancer I think that the couple is the most important thing. So (if I say yes to an invitation for a dance!) my aim is to make my partner happy - in every single dance. Consequently as I worked on my technique, the central issue was never style. My aim is to be able to dance with the different leaders dancing all the variety of styles in a way that the two of us become a real couple. The base of my technique is natural movement and comfort: technique is just a tool to express the feelings.
For this reason during my technique course I work a lot on the use of the base leg, the ways we can relax certain muscles, the different types of dissociation, how we use and how we don't use the arms, how we use the music, the adornments as well as the secrets of high heel shoes, posture and of course the walk.

As a teacher the base of my work is the group and the members of the group. More and more challenging and complex tasks come as the group improves.

I believe in the importance of personal feedback and I truly believe in work!!!